We have a professional Coworking space within Noosa Boardroom that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Avoid the procrastination, distractions and isolation of the home office and join other successful small business owners who experience increased productivity and connections.

For a fraction of the cost of a leased office, you can have 24 / 7 access to a professional office environment with all the trimmings without any long term commitment.

So what is Coworking?
  • It is working alongside like minded people in an open plan professional environment.
  • It is inexpensive and there is no commitment.
  • You will meet other people who are just like you – small business owners looking to grow their business.
  • It beats the ‘home-based-business blues’ and is a cure for procrastination, distractions and the isolation and loneliness of working from home.
  • You WILL expand your professional network!

Our Coworking space is an open plan office with desk spaces and office infrastructure where the focus is on getting work done. You will also have the opportunity to chat with other small business owners in your community.

Noosa Boardroom offers a great place to co-work and collaborate with people and other organisations here in Noosa. It’s a great vibe and atmosphere at Noosa Boardroom and makes it easy to come to work every day knowing you’ve got everything you need to get the job done.
Kate Bowmaker (The Social Deck)

For those getting started with their own business, Noosa Boardroom’s Coworking space isn’t just about hiring a desk for a day – it’s also joining a supportive, collaborative and unique community. It’s a place for entrepreneurs to learn, share and grow their businesses.

Contact Us: Coworking

Contact Us: Coworking