Over the past few months there has been an explosion of Coworking spaces opening around Australia, with 5 new Coworking spaces opening on the Sunshine Coast alone in the past 3 months.

I’ve spoken with the owners of many of these spaces and they tell me they are all doing very well and are having no trouble attracting clients.

So why are so many people ditching working from home where it’s quieter and more economical and opting to pay to sit in a shared office environment with other people and all those distractions?

I did a quick ask around here at Noosa Boardroom as to why our clients don’t work from home and the 3 main reasons were: Distractions, procrastination and isolation.

While technology has allowed the home office set up to be easily achieved, it is often the intangibles of working from home that are not considered.

Whether it is the children wanting attention, the pile of laundry to be done, the morning shows on the TV or the barking dog, these distractions are all mentioned as things getting in the way of being productive in the home office.

When there is a hard task to be done in the business, the laundry can all of a sudden seem urgent and before you know it you have done 3 loads of washing, you’ve vacuumed the house and you haveprocrastinated your way through a day.

Isolation from other like-minded people is also a factor when considering a home office.  For most of us, there is a natural tendency to want to interact and discuss what we are doing in our lives.

When you work for a business in a team environment, you get feedback and the feeling of a job well done when the boss says so.  Small business can be hard on the psyche as praise is rare.  Generally, the only questions you get asked are, “When will you be finished and how much will it cost?”

By being around other business owners in a shared office, there is a feeling of “we are all in it together” as well as the sharing of stories, business experiences and marketing ideas.

So if you haven’t already, drop in and check out your local Coworking space. You may find a second home that will help you overcome your isolation and procrastination as well as meeting a whole new network of like-minded people. More info on our Coworking space here>> Coworking at Noosa Boardroom

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